June 24 - July 29, 2023

Wyatt Mills ∙ Michael Haight ∙ Julia Elise Hong ∙ Zaki Christ

Press Release 

la Beast gallery invites you to experience ‘Daydream Jelly’, an exhibition showcasing the works of four distinguished artists who delve into the realms of transformation, concealed truths, and the future self. 'Daydream Jelly' melds various viewpoints of perception, laying the groundwork for each artist’s unique interpretation of reality. The exhibition features fascinating paintings by Wyatt Mills, Michael Haight, Julia Elise Hong, and Zaki Christ. In their own distinct ways, these four artists collectively muse on the oddities of memory. They challenge us to question what we perceive and what we discard from our consciousness - whether it be past reflections, potential futures, wayward observations or inward wisdom.

'Daydream Jelly' opens with a reception on Saturday, June 24th, from 6-9 pm at la BEAST gallery in Cypress Park. The exhibition will be on view through July 29th, 2023.


About The Exhibition + The Artists

The artists of ‘Daydream Jelly’ reveal a tangled web of retrospection. Each artist occupies their own quadrant of deep insight, as they explore the undercarriage of the ‘dreamscape’ and all that unbound curiosity has to offer. Whether defined by the past, smooshed by the present, or driven by the future, the artists confront their reality and find not resolution, but acceptance. The accretion is, that reality itself, might just be a vulnerable ‘Daydream’, and in some cases, a confusing nightmare. The paintings act as oracles, freezing moments in time and space; offering predictions, and answering questions yet to be uncovered.


‘Daydream Jelly’ offers a perplexing wiretap into self-reflection, exploration, and existence. As memories flicker and fade like elusive sparkling glitches, Mills, Haight, Hong, and Christ scrutinize the nature of recollection. Through a captivating blend of mediums, these artists craft a visual landscape where dreams, demons, and delights intertwine, showcasing the interconnection of our deepest thoughts and perceived realities. Clarity might not exist in the pot of ‘Jelly’ we call our minds.